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In all of my studio work, observations and investigations of subtleties are a constant narrative.

I use form as a way to depict very large and intangible ideas about existence and identity. Simple shapes move in, out and around space created through layers and texture. Water surfaces, abstracted cells, and semi-depicted objects representative of my formidable years of life coalesce in a contemplative mood.

I employ a process-oriented studio approach when making drawings, books and objects because I find this manner of decision-making to be reflective of the way I digest information.



Lomas Lo Más, artist book

Lomas Tower, steel, glass, caulk, pressed flowers, light socket, speaker, audio 00:10:08 ∞


Over Lefts, pastel, acrylic fixative on paper


Artist Book, ink jet prints, hard-cover accordian bound book and box

In, Out and Around, silk screen, relief, machine sewn thread, ink, hard-cover accordian bound book

The Other Way Around, silkscreen, ink, relief, hard-cover hand-bound book with coptic stitch

Evidence of the Sinuous Equipoise Consequence, ink, silk screen, surgical pins, acrylic sheet, hard-cover accordian bound book

Manipulated Observation Series, Polaroid emulsion transfer, colored pencil on paper

Superficial Surface, colored pencil on paper

Upon the Falling, pastel, silver, gesso, ink, graphite on paper

Moving and Being (Otherness), silkscreen, ink, chalk pastel, on paper

Relief Print Series - Countries: USA, Papua New Guinea, Canada, relief, embossment

BFA Drawing Series, silver, gesso, ink, pastel, screen print


Counterpose, African Mahogany, White Oak

Photo Series, archival inkjet print from 35mm negative

Photo Series, silver gelatin print from 35mm negative

Photo Series, archival inkjet print from 35mm negative

Destructive Habits Print Series, etching

Observation Studies, ink

Balance, Black Walnut and Beech

Drop, African Mahogany

On-Site Study, watercolor