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An exhibition of recent video art, curated by Andrew Cozzens and Stacey Reason


Video art, as opposed to cinematic film, does not have to rely on conventions that are defined by studio production, like characters, dialogue, narrative or plot. It is a medium that can be employed strictly for its inherent characteristics: moving images, passage of time, temporal existence, and creation of mood through sequence and framing. Traditional media are often stagnant: sculptures stand, paintings hang, and photographs capture an instant. Video activates any surface on which it is presented and incorporates the notion of duration.

“Cinema Killed the Video Star” is an all-video exhibition project put together by Andrew Cozzens and Stacey Reason. The vision for this exhibition project is unique because of its focus on the medium of video itself separate from video as cinematic production. The work we chose for this exhibition project highlights characteristics that are unique to video, and challenge the viewer’s notion of what video can be -- both in content and in presentation. Everything from documented time to manipulation of color and image, including examples of the natural degradation of analog video processes will be included in this exhibition.

Another key part of this exhibition project will be the use of the 4 large windows that make up the front wall of the gallery. These windows overlook the busy 2nd and Main St. intersection. At night, we will project onto a rear-projection screen a sort of "teaser" reel, comprised of a 10-30 second selection from each video. This will be highly visible to walking and auto traffic from sunset to midnight (approximately).

Jan. 16- Feb. 20 – Exhibition open to the Public

PUBLIC Contemporary Art Space
131 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202








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